Empress of the Sun (Everness)

Empress of the Sun (Everness)

Ian McDonald

World-hopping, high-action event starring a sensible boy with desktop talents and a tricky lady who pilots a blimp

The airship Everness makes a Heisenberg bounce to an alternative Earth in contrast to any her group has ever visible. Everett, Sen, and the group locate themselves above a undeniable that is going on ceaselessly in each path with none horizon. There they locate an Alderson Disc, an astronomical megastructure of enormously robust fabric attaining from the orbit of Mercury to the orbit of Jupiter. 

Then they meet the Jiju, the dominant species on a aircraft the place the dinosaurs did not die out. They developed, diverse, and feature a twenty-five million 12 months expertise head-start on humanity. conflict among their kingdoms is inevitable, overall and terrible. 

Everness has jumped correct into the midst of a faction struggle among rival international locations, the Fabreen and Dityu empires. The airship is attacked, yet then defended by way of the forces of the Fabreen, who bargains theEverness crew security. yet what's the precise reason in the back of Empress Aswiu's reduction? what's her cost?

The group of the Everness is divided in a truly alien global, an international quick drawing close the purpose of apocalypse.

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