Engaging the Past: Mass Culture and the Production of Historical Knowledge

Engaging the Past: Mass Culture and the Production of Historical Knowledge

Alison Landsberg

Reading movies, tv dramas, truth indicates, and digital indicates, between different renowned texts, Engaging the Past examines the making and which means of heritage for daily audience. modern media can motivate advanced interactions with the earlier that experience far-reaching outcomes for historical past and politics. audience adventure those representations individually, cognitively, and physically, yet, as this ebook unearths, not only through selecting with the characters portrayed.

Some of the works thought of during this quantity contain the movies Hotel Rwanda (2004), Good evening and stable Luck (2005), and Milk (2008); the tv dramas Deadwood, Mad Men, and Rome; the truth indicates Frontier House, Colonial House, and Texas Ranch House; and the key Annex on-line, accessed in the course of the Anne Frank residence site, and the Kristallnacht convey, accessed during the Unites States Holocaust Museum web site. those mass cultural texts domesticate what Alison Landsberg calls an "affective engagement" with the previous, tying the viewer to an occasion or individual and fostering a feeling of intimacy that does greater than shipping the viewer again in time. have an effect on, she indicates, may also paintings to disorient the viewer, forcibly pushing her or him out of the narrative and again into his or her personal physique. by means of interpreting those particular renowned historical past codecs, Landsberg indicates the original method they impress ancient considering and convey ancient wisdom, prompting a reconsideration of what constitutes heritage and an knowing of ways historical past works within the modern mediated public sphere.

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