Eternity Soup: Inside the Quest to End Aging

Eternity Soup: Inside the Quest to End Aging

Greg Critser

combine the most recent and such a lot rigorous clinical learn, irrepressible outdated entrepreneurship, and the traditional human wish to stay eternally (or at the least much longer) and the result's today’s exploding multibillion-dollar antiaging undefined. Its achievements are up to now often marginal, yet its can provide move with the entire attract of a twenty-first-century fountain of sweet sixteen. In Eternity Soup, acclaimed technology author Greg Critser takes us to each outpost of the antiaging panorama, domestic to zealots and skeptics, charlatans, and creative clinicians and academics.

We stopover at a convention of the Caloric limit Society, whose members—inspired by way of sure laboratory findings related to mice—live their lives in a kingdom simply above hunger. (“It’s basically the 1st 5 years which are uncomfortable,” says one.) We meet the recent wave of pharmacists who're reviving the erstwhile paintings of “compounding”—using mortar and pestle to combine extravagantly ecocnomic potions for getting older boomers trying to recapture flagging sexual energy. the following, too, are the theorists and researchers who're trying to comprehend the cellular-level motives of senescence and getting older and others who say, Why trouble with that? as a substitute, we must always simply how to fix and change organs and tissue that holiday down, like a classic vehicle collector who retains a century-old version T shining and operating like new.

Eternity Soup is a simmering brew of tes­tosterone patches, human progress hormone (so promising and so most likely dangerous), theories that view getting older as a curable ailment, laboratory-grown substitute organs (“I are looking to construct a kidney,” says one proponent. “It is one of these stup-eed organ!”), and bountiful different troubling, hilarious, and invigorating parts. Critser reveals lots of chicanery and credulousness within the antiaging realm but in addition a stunning measure of optimism, even between a few previously sober skeptics, that we may perhaps certainly be at the cusp of whatever enormous. And that elicits its personal new set of issues: How will our society focus on a projected new cohort of 1000000 fit centenarian americans? How will they unencumber themselves from the age segregation that shunts them off to “God’s ready Rooms” within the sunbelt? the place will they locate pleasure and intending to fit the inevitable loss that incorporates durability? Eternity Soup is an illuminating, wry, and provocative attention of a long-dreamed-about global which may now be turning into a truth.

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