Everything You Know About English Is Wrong

Everything You Know About English Is Wrong

i do not know the way else to inform you this...everything you recognize approximately English is wrong.

"If you're keen on language and the unvarnished fact, you will love every little thing you recognize approximately English is inaccurate. you should have enjoyable simply because his vigorous, comedic, skeptical voice will converse to you from the pages of his word-bethumped book."
-Richard Lederer, writer of Anguished English, Get Thee to a Punnery, and notice Wizard

Now that you just recognize, it is time to, good, chew the mummy tongue. William Brohaugh, former editor of Writer's Digest, can be your travel advisor in this pleasant trip in the course of the English language, mentioning the entire misconceptions approximately our wonderful-and splendidly confusing-native tongue. Tackling phrases, letters, grammar and ideas, no sacred cow is still untipped as Brohaugh unearths such attention-grabbing and irreverent shockers as:

- when you figuratively climb the partitions, you're agitated/frustrated/crazy. should you actually climb the partitions, you're Spiderman.

- "Biting the mum Tongue": English doesn't come from England.

- The observe "queue" is the poster baby of an English spelling rule so dominant we will name it a dominatrix rule: "U needs to stick with Q! Slave!"

- quite a bit of our vocabulary comes from the classical languages-clearly, Greece, and never Grease, is the note, is the be aware, is the word.

-Emoticons: disagreeable punctuational predictions

"Better plotted than a thesaurus, extra riveting than a glossary, extra filmable than a Harry Potter index-and that is simply Brohaugh's footsnorts... Imean, feetsnotes...umfeetsneets?...good gravy I'mglad I'mjust a cartoonist."
-John Caldwell, one in all Mad magazine's ordinary Gang of Idiots

This publication promises you will by no means examine the English language an analogous manner again-if you write, learn or converse it, it simply ain't attainable to reside with no this tell-all advisor. ("Ain't," by the way, isn't really a nasty word.)

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