Executioners: Taking a Life for a Life

Executioners: Taking a Life for a Life

Phil Clarke

a few humans kill for the sheer thrill of it, others for revenge or for monetary achieve. Executioners kill as the kingdom employs them to do it - yet who chooses to be an executioner ... and why? This ebook investigates the historical past of capital punishment the world over, and the interesting lives and careers of the folk who're hired to carry the last word penalty.

1. Early types of Execution
2. The Spanish Inquisition
3. The Witch Hunters
4. Impalement
5. Newgate legal, London
6. Tyburn Gallows, London
7. The Guillotine
8. Hanged, Drawn and Quartered
9. the electrical Chair
10. The gasoline Chamber
11. deadly Injection

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