Farslayer's Story (Lost Swords, Book 4)

Farslayer's Story (Lost Swords, Book 4)

Fred Saberhagen

lengthy, some time past, the Gods solid Twelve Swords of strength, each one with a distinct and lethal caliber. They cast too good, for the swords may kill the Gods themselves. Then the swords have been misplaced, scattered around the land; and lots of are they, either solid and evil, who're wanting to locate them again.

This tale is of Farslayer, the sword which may kill from throughout a whole global. the sport is fierce; the prize is the sword. The avid gamers are Black Pearl, an ensorcelled mermaid, and Cosmos her treacherous lover; Prince Zoltan and Prince Mark; the evil macrowizard wooden; and an enigmatic girl who arrives astride a griffin.

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