For the Soul of France: Culture Wars in the Age of Dreyfus

For the Soul of France: Culture Wars in the Age of Dreyfus

Frederick Brown

In the aftermath of the Franco-Prussian battle of 1870–71, a defeated and humiliated France break up into cultural factions that ranged from those that embraced modernity to people who championed the recovery of throne and altar. This polarization—to which such iconic monuments because the Sacre-Coeur and the Eiffel Tower endure witness—intensified with a succession of grave occasions over the subsequent a long time: the crash of an funding financial institution based to increase Catholic pursuits; the failure of the Panama Canal corporation; the fraudulent cost of treason introduced opposed to a Jewish officer, Alfred Dreyfus, which led to a civil battle among his zealous supporters and fanatical antagonists.

In this very good reconsideration of what fostered the increase of fascism and anti-Semitism in twentieth-century Europe, Frederick Brown chronicles the serious fight for the soul of a state, and exhibits how France’s deep fractures resulted in its give up to Hitler’s armies in 1940.

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