Forge of Heaven (Cherryh, C. J.)

Forge of Heaven (Cherryh, C. J.)

C. J. Cherryh

one in all contemporary bestselling and so much seriously acclaimed writers of technological know-how fiction and fable, C. J. Cherryh has been exciting readers for greater than thirty years with superbly imagined, complicated novels of intrigue and event. With Hammerfall she begun a wholly new universe -- her first in 3 many years -- and a charming story of poser and survival on a wilderness international devastated by way of nanotechnology. Now she returns to the beautiful universe of The Gene Wars in a super, visionary tale that reaches from the desolate tract to the celebs.

Forge of Heaven

At the a ways fringe of the galaxy, tiny harmony Station holds a distinct position within the universe -- the only position the place people from Earth, the unusual Outsider worlds, and the super strong, alien ondat all coexist, sure jointly to the destiny of the delicate international under. Scarred via vicious nanotechnology unleashed by means of the strong ondat, this lone wasteland planet acts because the crucible to figure out even if there could be peace among the far-spanning empires of the universe, or never-ending, unstoppable conflict to rival even the cataclysmic Gene Wars that when devastated untold galaxies.

Born the son of a barren region prince, Marak trin Tain is aware all too good the knife part among international relations and catastrophe. Centuries in the past he used to be stuck within the conflict among the terrorist First stream and Earth, and the ensuing destruction while the ondat despatched planet-crushing missiles to avoid contagion from out of control nanotechnology. Now, immortal yet no longer invulnerable, he shepherds the evolving global and its courageous population towards a brand new destiny. yet this utopia is infrequently idyllic, and a trip of discovery turns into considered one of desperation while a violent act of nature threatens even Marak's personal survival.

High above on harmony Station, intrigues andalliances from each faction of Earth and the Outsider colonies struggle for impact, whereas the implacable ondat pursue their very own unfathomable ambitions. in the course of harmful collusion, the entire watcherProcyon wishes is to checklist the miracles of the planet evolving lower than, sharing within the undreamed-of ask yourself of observing a brand new international develop. however the shock arrival of a boat from Earth upsets the fragile stability of strength at the station, and a perilous assault turns into the chance for uprising. stuck up in an internet of probability and intrigue, Procyon will step some distance past his cozy existence right into a nightmare of hazards, as plot inside of plot unravels with disastrous outcomes.

For the destiny of 1 guy may possibly come to a decision the way forward for human and alien alike ... and the ondat are watching.

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