Freeloading: How Our Insatiable Appetite for Free Content Starves Creativity

Freeloading: How Our Insatiable Appetite for Free Content Starves Creativity

Chris Ruen

INTERNET PIRACY: a conflict that pits indies opposed to enterprises, loose spirits opposed to the money-grubbing Scrooge McDucks of the area. Right?

Sort of. occasionally. perhaps not.

Internet piracy is going through many names — copyright infringement, dossier sharing, peer-to-peer lending — yet during this energetic narrative nonfiction account, writer Chris Ruen argues that the perform of utilizing unlicensed electronic content material can be referred to as what it truly is: freeloading.

In this finished research, Ruen examines the close to pervasive challenge of web piracy, and the ethical and fiscal dilemmas to which it offers upward push. The phenomenon, which this day impacts nearly every body who faucets a keyboard, is growing not going alliances — among artists and firms, and among shoppers and expertise geeks within the hacker culture — and it really is altering how society perspectives and values creative production.

Ruen, himself a former freeloader, got here to appreciate how unlawful downloads can threaten the inventive group after he hung out with profitable Brooklyn bands who had but to make a true cash in on their track. via unique examine and broad interviews with musicians and artists, Freeloading dissects this conflict. This provocative account can be a reminder of the truism that for each motion there are effects — a choice to include useful, good strategies that guard artists and shoppers alike.

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