Ghost on the Throne: The Death of Alexander the Great and the War for Crown and Empire

Ghost on the Throne: The Death of Alexander the Great and the War for Crown and Empire

Alexander the nice, probably the main commanding chief in heritage, united his empire and his military by means of the tremendous strength of his will. His dying on the age of thirty-two spelled the tip of that unity.

The tale of Alexander’s conquest of the Persian empire is understood to many readers, however the dramatic and consequential saga of the empire’s cave in continues to be nearly untold. it's a story of loss that starts with the best lack of all, the loss of life of the Macedonian king who had held the empire jointly.

With his loss of life, it was once as though the solar had disappeared from the sun approach, as though planets and moons started to spin crazily in new instructions, crashing into each other with unbelievable force.

Alexander bequeathed his energy, legend has it, “to the strongest,” abandoning a mentally broken part brother and a posthumously born son as his purely heirs. In a wierd compromise, both figures—Philip III and Alexander IV—were increased to the kingship, speedy turning into prizes, pawns, fought over by way of a half-dozen Macedonian generals. each one successor might confer legitimacy on whichever basic managed him.

At the book’s heart is the monarch’s such a lot energetic defender; Alexander’s former Greek secretary, now remodeled right into a basic himself. He used to be a guy either interesting and unique, a guy jam-packed with methods and connivances, just like the enthroned ghost of Alexander that offers the ebook its identify, and turns into the picking think about the precarious fortunes of the royal family.

James Romm, significant classicist and storyteller, tells the galvanizing saga of the boys who Alexander and located themselves incapable of keeping his empire. the end result used to be the undoing of a global, previously united in one empire, now ripped aside right into a nightmare of warring geographical regions suffering for domination, the template of our personal instances.

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