Ghosts of Parihaka (Aotearoa, Book 5)

Ghosts of Parihaka (Aotearoa, Book 5)

David Hair

they are saying the previous is one other state. a few humans can pass there.

It hasn't been a simple time for Matiu Douglas, magical adept. one in all his acquaintances is now a ghost, his enemies have stolen the Treaty of Waitangi, he can't date the woman he relatively likes and he retains getting undesirable marriage proposals from a perilous, centuries-old tohunga's daughter.

But while his ally, Riki, is snatched into the ghost-world of Aotearoa in the course of a faculty journey, Mat has to place all his different concerns apart and act fast.

For Riki vanished at Parihaka, scene of 1 of the darkest acts from New Zealand's colonial earlier, and in Aotearoa such locations are lethal risky.

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