Ghostwood Haunts: DW3: A Dungeon World Adventure

Ghostwood Haunts: DW3: A Dungeon World Adventure

Johnstone Metzger

Ghostwood Haunts is an introductory event module for the Dungeon global myth role-playing game.

In the midst of the Ghostwood, the village of Knifesbridge holds an insignificant few thousand souls, yet difficulty sufficient for all. A gang of bandits preys upon the neighborhood street site visitors, drug dependancy spreads via sleepy village streets, and corruption on the center of municipal politics stymies all makes an attempt to revive legislation and order. Worse but, a useless witch's ghost seeks vengeance, and a demon waits to stroll once again underneath the Ghostwood's leaves. on the crossroads among those fronts lies and previous, deserted tower, and the secrets and techniques buried underneath it's going to tear this village apart.

Inside this experience module you are going to find:

  • Two whole fronts with 3 risks each.
  • NPCs for every of those six risks, plus extra to populate Knifesbridge.
  • Suggested and non-compulsory scenes that extra the villains evil scenes.
  • Crime, political corruption, and drug addiction.
  • Ghosts, witches, and a demon.
  • Maps of significant locations.
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