Glamour: A World Problem

Glamour: A World Problem

Alice A. Bailey

This instructing on global glamour, its explanations and remedies, is likely one of the specialized topics first given to the crowd whose own directions seem within the volumes of Discipleship within the New Age. the concept a small staff of committed aspirants may possibly interact to aid burn up the heavy enshrouding glamours which oppress humanity and deflect the sunshine of fact, was once first and foremost rather a startling one. non secular growth has for therefore lengthy held no which means for the person except his personal own progress, that to contemplate religious adventure in direct relation to international stipulations is for plenty of a innovative notion. however international glamour - the sum overall of human lack of knowledge, worry and greed - can in simple terms yield to the enlightened penetration of these in whom those emotional reactions were transcended in entire or in part.

Glamour is, after all, the results of a damaging emotional concentration; simply as phantasm effects from a unfavourable or doubtful perspective of brain out of contact with the truth in the back of the outer visual appeal; so a guy turns into the sufferer of sturdy self-created thought-forms outfitted on character forces and self-interest.

This publication bargains with the misconceptions latest on all degrees of the character lifestyles - maya at the etheric point; glamour at the emotional aircraft; and phantasm at the psychological aircraft; climaxing within the sum overall of all 3 mixed within the character - the so-called dweller at the threshold.

the right kind equipment of operating to deplete global glamour and dispel global phantasm, make sure to trendy mental concepts authorised and practiced for person profit. the next kind of power has to be dropped at undergo at the blocked situation. this implies in useful phrases, maya needs to be subjected to the foundation and idealism of the emotional airplane; glamour to the illumination of the psychological aircraft; phantasm to the sunshine of the instinct. a buddhic power; and the dweller at the threshold has to be faced by way of the Angel of the Presence, the soul.

As this readability and transformation of the character continue within the person, he can start to serve consciously, ideally in workforce formation, to raise and enlighten the realm situation. convinced meditation formulation are given during this booklet that could accurately be utilized by a bunch operating jointly, yet will require nice care within the person to avoid stimulation of any closing own glamours and illusions. we're operating always with strength as an impersonal strength, that can however produce a deadly own impression if the inducement isn't selfless sufficient, the character insufficiently natural or self-disciplined, and the dynamic power-to-work no longer sufficiently fused with love of humanity to create realizing and identification.

The want for the provider of fellows and girls unfastened from phantasm and glamour, hasn't ever been so dramatically current because it is at the present time, and it really is for those power servers of a determined necessity that i've got written.

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