Grain of Truth: The Real Case For and Against Wheat and Gluten

Grain of Truth: The Real Case For and Against Wheat and Gluten

Stephen Yafa

A Pollan-esque examine the reality approximately wheat: meal or threat?

No subject in meals is extra arguable than wheat. whereas mega-sellers like Grain mind and Wheat Belly recommend that wheat could be the new asbestos, Stephen Yafa unearths that it's been wrongly demonized. His revealing booklet units the checklist instantly, breaking down the botany of the wheat plant we’ve hijacked for our personal use, the technology of meals and digestion, the consequences of mass creation on our well-being, and questions on gluten and fiber—all to indicate us towards a greater, richer diet.

Wheat could be the most crucial meals in human heritage, attaining from precedent days to normal generators. Yafa excursions advertisement factories the place the wishes of mass creation trump the primacy of food, and studies at the artisan grain revolution. From a Woodstock-like Kneading convention to nutrients labs to a boutique bakery and pasta maker’s workshop in Brooklyn, he additionally unearths that there could in truth be an ideal resource of wheat-based meals. Its identify is sourdough.

For readers of Salt Sugar Fat and The Omnivore's Dilemma, Grain of Truth easily blends technological know-how, heritage, biology, economics, and meals to give us again our day-by-day bread.

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