Guardian (The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier, Book 3) (US Edition)

Guardian (The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier, Book 3) (US Edition)

Jack Campbell

Retail ePub. e-book three of a continual sub-series within the misplaced Fleet Universe.

Admiral Geary’s First Fleet of the Alliance has survived the adventure deep into unexplored interstellar area, a voyage that resulted in the invention of recent alien species, together with a brand new enemy and a potential best friend. Now Geary’s undertaking is to make sure the security of the halfway famous person process, which has revolted opposed to the Syndicate Worlds empire—an empire that's close to cave in.

To complicate concerns additional, Geary should also go back correctly to Alliance area not just with representatives of the Dancers, an alien species, but in addition with Invincible, a captured warship which could almost certainly be the main priceless item in human background. regardless of the peace treaty that Geary needs to adhere to in any respect bills, the Syndicate Worlds regime threatens to make the fleet’s trip again grueling and dangerous.

And no matter if Geary escorts Invincible and the Dancers’ representatives effectively unhurt, the Syndics’ makes an attempt to unfold dissent and political unrest can have already sown the seeds of the Alliance’s destruction...

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