Guide to the Technocracy (Mage: The Ascension)

Guide to the Technocracy (Mage: The Ascension)

Brian Campbell, Scott Taylor, Phil Brucato, Steve Long, Tom deMayo

Embracing technological know-how for All Mankind

We are the best clinical minds of the realm. We impression each element of human society. We safeguard the Earth from the extraterrestrial beings with out and the deviants inside of. via order, technological know-how and expertise, our conventions form the process the furure and catalog the wonders of the cosmos. we're there each time an individual makes use of a device. We create the developments that shield and luxury humanity. we elect how day after today improves past this present day. when you are able to form the realm and prepared to sacrifice your self for humanity, you'll be one in all us.

One global, One Union

All the data had to run a Technocracy - established Chronicle: Technocracy characters, new talents, units and methods, Technocratic association and extra. discover the defenses of Technocratic bases, their corridors of political energy and their hopes for the long run. notice how they take care of supernatural threats and what wonders they discover. examine the Union's ideals and targets, and the way it plans to empower all of humanity.

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