Guide to the Traditions (Mage: The Ascension)

Guide to the Traditions (Mage: The Ascension)

Richard Taylor, John Snead, Zach Bush, Bryan Armor, David Wendt, David Bolack, Lynn Davis, Kevin A. Murphy, David Weinstein

maintaining the World's Magic Alive

We maintain alive the previous methods. We have in mind the times whilst magic flowed around the Earth and desires strode in hosts with spirits. for everyone who believes in an international past cause, we're the illumination, instructor and father or mother. even if beset by means of unbelief and torn by way of dissent, we stand jointly as courses to the shining. Ascension to which humanity could attempt. for those who yearn for desire, in the event you search to exchange wretchedness with proposal and also you are able to switch the realm, you may be considered one of us.

Nine Traditions, endless Possibilities

A definitive examine the Traditions as a complete - how the Council services, who'll take cost with the lack of Masters, what recommendations confirm the allocation of chantries and Wonders. among the jobs for up and coming Disciples and the issues dealing with the twenty first century lie a bunch of news ready to be informed.

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