Steve Jackson

Out of Print

Now to be had in softcover (at a reduce price!), this publication is totally revised for GURPS Fourth variation. It combines the spells from the 3rd variation GURPS Magic and GURPS Grimoire, plus dozens of all-new spells, for the final word tome of magic!

Within those pages, crackling with mystic energies, you'll find:

* The center magic procedure for GURPS, increasing at the fabric offered within the uncomplicated Set . . . principles for studying magic, casting spells, mesmerizing magic goods, and more!
* whole alchemy ideas . . . growing magical elixirs, utilizing them, or even studying new ones . . . with an in depth record of identified elixirs and their powers.
* possible choices to the center magic process, together with whole ideas for improvised magic and rune magic. There also are directions for the GM who desires to swap how magic works particularly worlds in a multi-world campaign.
* Plus designated fabric from the GURPS Magic goods sequence and Wizards.

This is a strong booklet, certainly. Use it properly.

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