Hack and HHVM: Programming Productivity Without Breaking Things

Hack and HHVM: Programming Productivity Without Breaking Things

How are you able to make the most of the HipHop digital laptop (HHVM) and the Hack programming language, new applied sciences that fb built to run their net servers? With this functional consultant, Owen Yamauchi—a member of Facebook’s middle Hack and HHVM teams—shows you the way to start with those battle-tested open-source tools.

You’ll discover static typechecking and a number of other beneficial properties that separate Hack from its Hypertext Preprocessor origins, and find out how to organize, configure, installation, and computer screen HHVM. perfect for builders with easy Hypertext Preprocessor wisdom or event with different languages, this publication additionally demonstrates how those instruments can be utilized with current personal home page codebases and new tasks alike.

  • Learn how Hack presents static typechecking whereas keeping PHP’s versatile, speedy improvement capability
  • Write typesafe code with Hack’s generics feature
  • Explore HHVM, a just-in-time compilation runtime engine with complete Hypertext Preprocessor compatibility
  • Dive into Hack collections, asynchronous services, and the XHP extension for PHP
  • Understand Hack’s layout purpose, together with why it omits a few personal home page features
  • Use Hack for multitasking, and for producing HTML securely
  • Learn instruments for operating with Hack code, together with PHP-to-Hack migration

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