HalfWit And All Man

HalfWit And All Man

Peter Rodman

Seventy or so brief humor essays initially released within the Suttertown News.

The man's canine got here operating around the backyard at me, barking and snarling. They stopped inches from my face and persisted barking till their proprietor whistled them off.

They could have been Dobermans or Labradors, I don't take into accout. All I take into account is status very nonetheless, huge pointed tooth, undesirable puppy breath, barking without delay in my ears, and the truth that whenever they barked, puppy spit hit me on my face, my hair, and my shoulders. I don't imagine I rainy myself.

Later I bear in mind the guy conversing approximately it. He acknowledged, "Not a lot element in having watchdogs, if they're now not trained," and "People need to examine early the best way existence is." i believe the final remark used to be directed at me as an early individual.

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