Hands of the Healer (MERP ICE #2026)

Hands of the Healer (MERP ICE #2026)

Mark R. Feil

"Once extra Aragorn bruised leaves of athelas and solid them into the steaming water; and he laved her forehead with it, and her correct arm mendacity chilly and nerveless at the coverlet. Then, even if Aragorn had certainly a few forgotten strength of Westernesse, or no matter if it used to be yet his phrases of the girl Éowyn that wrought them, because the candy effect of the herb stole in regards to the chamber it looked as if it would those that stood by way of willing wind blew during the window, and it bore no smell, yet used to be an air fully clean and fresh and younger, as though it had now not been breathed by way of any residing factor and got here new-made from snowy mountains excessive underneath a dome of stars, or from beaches of silver distant washed through seas of froth. 'Awake, Éowyn, woman of Rohan!' acknowledged Aragorn back, and he took her correct hand in his and felt it hot with existence returning." - The go back of the King

The therapeutic course is likely one of the such a lot respected callings individual may possibly aspire to in Middle-earth; it's also some of the most valued professions between adventurers - women and men who face risk and the chance of damage on a daily basis in their lives.

Hands of the Healer fleshes out a type of professions commonly selected through myth avid gamers, even if as characters to be performed or NPCs to be hunted for their critical prone. both worthwhile to either gamers and gamemasters, this tome presents nearly every little thing it is easy to in all likelihood need to know approximately Middle-earth's healers and their craft.

Hand of the Healer features:

- fifty six personality improvement applications - instructions for developing MERP healers (including conversions for the Rolemaster general method) from over forty particular cultures. you can now tackle the function of a Northman shaman, a Black Númenórean necromantic priest, an Easterling Night-warder, or a Southron court docket surgeon - each one with distinctive abilities and therapeutic magic!
- NEW clinical talents - With the four new MERP/RMSS talents of Physic, surgical procedure, Apothecary and Midwifery, you'll be able to confront any type of damage or sickness on your experience campaign.
- STATIC MANEUVER desk - a number of of the hot abilities and therapeutic powers defined during this ebook are observed through tables for MERP and RMSS, that you can immediately verify maneuver effects despite which online game approach you're using.
- 296 HERBS, CURATIVES AND POISONS - the most important compendium of medicinals and poisons ever assembled for a fable position taking part in video game, this exhaustive encyclopedia is the final word reference instrument for herbs and different healing elements, reminiscent of athelas, miruvor or lembas. The compendium references each therapeutic herb or poison that has ever seemed within the Middle-earth sequence to this point, together with sixty seven solely new entries. All are listed in line with atmosphere (mountains, forests, deserts, etc.), therapeutic classification (life protection, actual enhancement, floor fix, etc.) and trade names (Westron, Elvish, etc.).
- MECCG eventualities - try out your therapeutic hand with "The homes of Healing" and "Ioreth's Escort," new situations to be used with ICE's Middle-earth Collectible Card online game. encompasses a dozen new MECCG websites for informal play.

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