Haunted Ruins of the Dunlendings (MERP ICE #8101)

Haunted Ruins of the Dunlendings (MERP ICE #8101)

Ruth Sochard

3 low-to-mid point adventures which each and every stand all alone and will be arrange in minutes.

Sixteen retailers have died at the treacherous street among the cities of Cabed Angren and Sarn Erech. Forlong, a filthy rich landowner, believes that bandits are at the back of the killings and has provided a wealthy present for his or her extermination. Are you crafty adequate to resolve the secret surrounding The Lonely Tower?

Setmaenen, an deserted calendar-temple of the traditional Daen Coentis, harbors a king's fortune in jewels and treasures. however the holy position is secure via strong wards and traps, guarded via ghosts, and tainted by way of a cursed artifact of the darkish Lord. are you able to defeat the supernatural forces that lurk one of the Seven Stones?

Only Tarien, girl of a prosperous Dúnadan kin, escaped along with her baby grandson while Dunnish warriors attacked her rural domestic. Her son, Derovin, was once captured and brought to the haunted butte referred to as Hogo Tarosvan. the woman seeks revenge and the secure go back of her son. have you ever braveness sufficient to look past The Phantom Doors?

Peril lurks one of the Dunnish ruins, yet glory and wealth stick with risk in those three fascinating adventures!

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