Hereward: End of Days

Hereward: End of Days

James Wilde

1071. 5 years have handed because the Normans' crushing victory at Hastings. England reels less than the savage rule of its new king, the only they name 'the Bastard'. The north has been left a barren region - villages torched, innocents placed to the sword, land stolen. Rats feed upon fields of the dead.

It turns out no atrocity is just too nice to make sure William's iron grip upon the crown. Now his chilly gaze is popping in the direction of the final stronghold of English resistance. After those years of fight, he'll brook no extra problem to his energy. His massive military is massing; his machines of struggle are being made ready.

In their castle at the Isle of Ely, the English rebels have placed their religion in a single guy - a warrior, a pacesetter and a grasp of the paintings of waging struggle. His identify is Hereward, and he has deliberate an rebellion that might sweep the hated king from the throne as soon as and for all.

But Hereward has disappeared - and with him, it kind of feels, England's hopes of victory. Can this nice hero quite have deserted his humans? Time is operating out, for King William is ready to start his ultimate devastating attack that might without doubt mark the top of days...

Here is a heart-pounding story of heroism, treachery and sacrifice - and the bloodiest uprising England has ever known..

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