Hey, Nietzsche! Leave Them Kids Alone

Hey, Nietzsche! Leave Them Kids Alone

Craig Schuftan

hiya! Nietzsche! depart Them teenagers Alone!

Why do goths put on black? Why do rock singers make that 'jesus' form on degree? Why do songs approximately loss of life and melancholy make us think sturdy? And why can't you get no pride? in response to Craig Schuftan, all of it begun approximately 2 hundred years ago.

HEY, NIETZSCHE! is the 1st booklet to discover the hidden roots of rock and roll within the romantic flow. Schuftan choices up a clue in My Chemical Romance's 'Welcome the Black Parade', and follows it right into a global the place Keats meets the medication, Wordsworth hangs with Weezer, and Byron exchanges haughty glances with Bowie. From Schopenhauer's darkest days to Queen's maximum hits, hiya, NIETZSCHE! is a wild experience throughout the 19th century with the easiest mix-tape on the planet at the automobile stereo.

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