History and Freedom: Lectures 1964-1965

History and Freedom: Lectures 1964-1965

Theodor W. Adorno

regardless of all of humanity's disasters, futile efforts and unsuitable turnings long ago, Adorno didn't permit himself be persuaded that we're doomed to endure a bleak destiny for ever. one of many elements that avoided him from picking out a definitive plan for the long run process heritage used to be his emotions of harmony with the sufferers and losers. As for the longer term, the process occasions was once to stay open-ended; rather than finality, he remained dedicated to a Hölderlin-like openness. This hint of the messianic has what he referred to as the color of the concrete instead of mere summary danger.

Early within the Nineteen Sixties Adorno gave 4 classes of lectures at the highway resulting in unfavourable Dialectics, his magnum opus of 1966. the second one of those used to be involved in the subjects of background and freedom. by way of content material, those lectures represented an early model of the chapters in adverse Dialectics dedicated to Kant and Hegel. In formal phrases, those have been improvised lectures that let us to glimpse a philosophical paintings in progress.

The textual content released right here supplies us an outline of all of the topics and motifs of Adorno's philosophy of heritage: the most important thought of the domination of nature, his feedback of the existentialist notion of a historicity with out background and, ultimately, his competition to the normal inspiration of fact as anything everlasting, unchanging and ahistorical.

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