History of the Runestaff

History of the Runestaff

Michael Moorcock

The earth has grown outdated, her landscapes mellow, her humans misplaced in abrooding dream. it really is an age of vintage towns, clinical sorcery, crystal machines, nice flying engines with mechanical wings. And the armies of the darkish Empire are relentlessly taking on the once-peaceful urban states, ravaging and destroying as they boost, mile by means of brutal mile ...The darkish Empire has humiliated and multilated Dorian Hawkmoon, however it can't rob him of his eating passions: his love for Yisselda of Brass and his hatred of her ruthless suitor Meliadus. yet prior to he can defy the darkish Empire and win the beauteous Yisselda, he needs to search the Runestaff, a quest that might ship him into barbaric ask yourself and perverse evil ...and provided that he succeeds will her keep away from the doom of all of the international ...

Contains The Jewel within the cranium, The Mad God's Amulet, The Sword of the sunrise and The Runestaff.

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