Hitler's Philosophers

Hitler's Philosophers

Yvonne Sherratt

Hitler had a dream to rule the realm, not just with the gun but in addition along with his brain. He observed himself as a "philosopher-leader" and astonishingly received the support of many intellectuals of his time. during this compelling publication, Yvonne Sherratt explores Hitler's dating with philosophers and uncovers cruelty, ambition, violence, and betrayal the place least expected—at the guts of Germany's ivory tower.

Sherratt investigates overseas data, getting to know proof back to the Nineteen Twenties of Hitler's vulgarization of noble thinkers of the earlier, together with Kant, Nietzsche, and Darwin. She finds how philosophers of the Thirties eagerly collaborated to lend the Nazi regime a cloak of respectability: Martin Heidegger, Carl Schmitt, and a number of others. And whereas those eminent males sanctioned slaughter, Semitic thinkers like Walter Benjamin and competitors like Kurt Huber have been hunted down or murdered. Many others, resembling Theodor Adorno and Hannah Arendt, have been pressured to escape as refugees. The ebook portrays their fates, to be dispersed the world over because the ancient edifice of Jewish-German tradition used to be destroyed via Hitler.

Sherratt not just confronts the prior; she additionally tracks down chilling facts of continuous Nazi sympathy in Western Universities today.

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