Homo Evolutes: Please Meet the Next Human Species (TED series)

Homo Evolutes: Please Meet the Next Human Species (TED series)

Juan Enriquez, Steve Gullans

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There were not less than 25 prototype people. we're yet yet another version, and there's no facts evolution has stopped. Juan Enriquez and Steve Gullans, of the world's most outstanding technological know-how authors, researchers, and marketers, take you right into a global the place people more and more form their setting, their very own selves, and different species. through the tip you will discover a extensive, and occasionally frightening, map of lifestyles science-driven swap. not only bodies can be altered yet our middle non secular, executive, and social constructions as humankind makes the transition to a brand new species, a Homo evolutis, which at once and intentionally controls its personal evolution and that of many different species.

About the authors:
Juan Enriquez thinks and writes concerning the profound adjustments that genomics and different existence sciences will reason in company, expertise, politics and society.

Steve Gullans is an skilled investor, entrepreneur and scientist. He co-founded RxGen a pharmaceutical providers company.


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