Hope Now: The 1980 Interviews

Hope Now: The 1980 Interviews

Jean-Paul Sartre

In March of 1980, Le Nouvel Observateur released the ultimate interviews among the thinker Jean-Paul Sartre, then blind and debilitated, and his younger assistant, Benny Lévy. Readers instantly denounced the interviews as distorted and fraudulent for portraying a Sartre who had deserted his leftist convictions, rejected his so much intimate buddies, and forged apart his basic ideals in desire of a messianic Judaism. Sartre's supporters argued that it used to be his orthodox interlocutor, Lévy, who had twisted the phrases of the sick philosopher.

Yet, presently ahead of his loss of life, Sartre proven the authenticity of the interviews and their difficult content material. right here awarded in translation, the interviews are framed through provocative essays by way of Benny Lévy, followed through a finished creation from famous Sartre authority Ronald Aronson, which locations the interviews in biographical and philosophical standpoint to illustrate how they ascertain and give a contribution to Sartre's total philosophy. This soaking up quantity finally contextualizes and elucidates the ultimate concepts of a super and influential mind.

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