Hot Springs

Hot Springs

Geoffrey Becker

Compelling and darkly comedian, sizzling Springs is the road-trip love tale a few younger lady who gave up her baby for adoption and her quest, 5 years later, to scouse borrow the kid back.

vivid, horny, and really almost certainly loopy, Bernice is set to reclaim the kid she gave up for adoption 5 years in the past. She convinces her boyfriend, Landis, to aid perform her plan, yet as soon as the kidnapping is entire, Bernice―whose personal mom used to be given to manic episodes and unusual behavior―is plagued with doubts. Will Landis stick with her, given her unstable character and his personal drifter previous? Will she and Landis either turn out in detention center for this crime? And, maybe most significantly, will she fail at being a mom? Dovetailed with this can be the tale of the conservative Christian adoptive mom and dad, Tessa and David, and the impact the abduction has on their bothered marriage. As Bernice and Landis trip throughout the USA, from Colorado Springs to Tucson to Baltimore, Bernice needs to confront her previous and the secrets and techniques she has saved.

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