Hunter: The Vigil

Hunter: The Vigil

Stewart Wilson, Chuck Wendig, Travis Stout, Jess Hartley, Matthew McFarland, Russell Bailey, Howard Wood Ingham, Rick Chillot, M

A Candle within the Darkness

The scales have fallen out of your eyes.

A hearth is lit: is it a lamp perched over the inscription upon an historical blade? Or a roaring conflagration eating the home during which the howling fiends wait?

Things is just not an identical after this. You’ve set forth on a damning path.

Carry the Vigil.

Fight again the shadows.

Hunter: The Vigil includes:

A rulebook for taking part in hunters, these people who've obvious the reality of the realm of Darkness and are spurred to action.
A many-faced Vigil for lots of kinds of hunter: characters may possibly decide upon a course of violence, of research, or perhaps of rehabilitation. Decipher mysteries and confront the horrors.
presents new participant forms and antagonists for crossover- extensive chronicles in addition to these chronicles concentrated merely on hunters.

For use with the area of Darkness Rulebook.

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