I Praise My Destroyer

I Praise My Destroyer

Diane Ackerman

In her first new e-book of poetry on account that Jaguar of candy Laughter, poet and naturalist Diane Ackerman combines her deep knowing of the area together with her titanic ardour for language to craft richly sensual poems that "honor all life/wherever and in no matter what form/it may well deal."

Imbued with ravishing imagery, those exuberant and lyrical explorations of getting older, longing, and dying reveal Ackerman's complete engagement with each element of life's procedure. Ackerman muses at the confines of remedy periods, the place she intersects "twice a week/in a painstaking hide-and-seek/making do with half-light, half-speak"; relishes the succulent excitement of consuming an apricot, with its "gush of taboo sweetness"; and imagines the "unupholstered voice, a existence in outline" in her beautiful elegy to C. S. Lewis. Whimsical, natural, and clever, the poems in I compliment My Destroyer verify Ackerman's position as probably the most mesmerizing poets writing at the present time.

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