Illusions (Night Roamers - Book Four) A Vampire Romance Adventure

Illusions (Night Roamers - Book Four) A Vampire Romance Adventure

Kristen Middleton, K.L. Middleton

Fourth and ultimate Installment of evening Roamers!

First publication is unfastened (Blur)

Determined to find Anne, Nikki and Nathan attend their mother's feigned funeral in Shore Lake. in the meantime, Duncan is going lacking after performing some of his personal investigating into Anne's disappearance, whereas Celeste's estranged brother, Martin, returns to Montana to avenge his father's death.

In this final installment of evening Roamers - illusions are published, lies are uncovered, and love's destiny is as soon as again... demonstrated. Will Nikki eventually examine the reality of what is been taking place in Shore Lake, or is she nonetheless only a pawn within the twisted brain of an enemy she does not even detect exists?

Warning - grownup events and language.

For mature readers.

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