Images of Bliss: Ejaculation, Masculinity, Meaning

Images of Bliss: Ejaculation, Masculinity, Meaning

Murat Aydemir

Aristotle believed semen to be the purest of all physically secretions, a motor vehicle for the spirit or psyche that provides shape to substance. For Proust’s narrator in Swann’s Way, waking to discover he has skilled a nocturnal emission, it's the made from “some misplacing of my thigh.” The heavy steel band Metallica used it to decorate an album disguise. past its organic functionality, semen has been utilized with marvelous frequency to metaphorical and narratological purposes.


In Images of Bliss, Murat Aydemir undertakes an unique and broad research of pictures of male orgasm and semen. In a sequence of exact case studies—Aristotle’s On the new release of Animals; Andres Serrano’s use of physically fluids in his paintings; work by way of Holbein and Leonardo; Proust’s In seek of misplaced Time; hard-core pornography (both instantly and gay); and key texts from the poststructuralist canon, together with Lacan at the phallus, Bataille on expenditure, Barthes on bliss, and Derrida on dissemination—Aydemir lines the complicated and sometimes contradictory probabilities for mind's eye, description, and cognition that either the belief and the truth of semen make to be had. specifically, he foregrounds the importance of male ejaculation for masculine subjectivity. mostly, Aydemir argues, the development or item of ejaculation emerges because the example by which identification, which means, and gender are usually not quite a bit affirmed as they're relentlessly and productively puzzled, complex, and displaced.


Combining shut readings of various works with refined theoretical elaboration and a prepared eye for the cultural beliefs and anxieties connected to sexuality, Images of Bliss deals a resounding and lengthy late severe exploration of ejaculation in Western culture.


Murat Aydemir is assistant professor of comparative literature on the college of Amsterdam.

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