Immortal Eyes: The Toybox (Changeling: The Dreaming)

Immortal Eyes: The Toybox (Changeling: The Dreaming)

Keith Herber, Sam Chupp

The Shining City!

Welcome to San Francisco, web site of the resurgence of fae in the world. This urban might be crucial to the fae, for the Glamour is extra strong right here than anyplace in the world. No different urban includes extra freeholds and magical websites than the Shining City.

The Elusive Eyes...

The first a part of the Immortal Eyes trilogy. The Toybox, choices up the place "Toys might be Toys" left off. The Immortal Eyes chronicle combines a trilogy of novels with a sequence of online game sourcebooks. this primary chronicle for Changeling: The Dreaming blends wealthy backgrounds and settings with the lavish characterization and tightly woven plots that in basic terms fiction promises. In so doing, the Immortal Eyes chronicle will immerse gamers and readers alike within the mystical global of the Dreaming.

Immortal Eyes: The Toybox features:

a glance into the freehold and lives of a few of the fae population of San Francisco in addition to a whole historical past and assessment of the bay area.
3 mini-stories designed to mesh with the Immortal Eyes chronicle.
info at the Immortal Eyes chronicle, permitting you to play out the tale because it is within the novels, or continue in a completely new path.

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