In the Land of White Death: An Epic Story of Survival in the Siberian Arctic

In the Land of White Death: An Epic Story of Survival in the Siberian Arctic

In 1912, six months after Robert Falcon Scott and 4 of his males got here to grief in Antarctica, a thirty-two-year-old Russian navigator named Valerian Albanov launched into an excursion that might end up much more disastrous. looking for new Arctic looking grounds, Albanov's send, the Saint Anna, was once frozen quickly within the pack ice of the treacherous Kara Sea-a misfortune grievously compounded by means of an incompetent commander, the absence of the most important nautical charts, inadequate gasoline, and insufficient provisions that left the group vulnerable and debilitated through scurvy.

For approximately a yr and a part, the twenty-five males and one girl aboard the Saint Anna persevered poor hardships and hazard because the icebound send drifted helplessly north. confident that the Saint Anna may by no means loose herself from the ice, Albanov and 13 crewmen left the send in January 1914, hauling makeshift sledges and kayaks in the back of them around the frozen sea, hoping to arrive the far-off coast of Franz Josef Land. With just a shockingly misguided map to lead him, Albanov led his males on a 235-mile trip of continuing peril, enduring blizzards, disintegrating ice floes, assaults via polar bears and walrus, hunger, illness, snowblindness, and mutiny. That any of the group survived is a ask yourself. That Albanov saved a diary of his ninety-day ordeal-a tale that Jon Krakauer calls an "astounding, totally compelling book," and David Roberts calls "as lean and taut as an exceptional thriller"-is approximately miraculous.

First released in Russia in 1917, Albanov's narrative is right here translated into English for the 1st time. Haunting, suspenseful, and instructed with gripping element, In the Land of White Death can now rightfully take its position one of the vintage writings of Nansen, Scott, Cherry-Garrard, and Shackleton.

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