Indoor! Grilling

Indoor! Grilling

Steven Raichlen

Indoors―It's the recent outdoors

SPIT-ROASTED leading RIBS, crusty at the outdoors, wet and smooth inside of. definite! poultry below A BRICK, heady with smoke and spice. certain! CURRY-GRILLED LAMB KEBABS, POTATOES ROASTED within the ASHES, BAYOU WINGS, VANILLA-GRILLED PINEAPPLE WITH darkish RUM GLAZE―all of it infused with honest-to-goodness real-grilled taste, and it all cooked interior. sure!

Bursting with daring new principles, 270 righteous recipes, and thousands of information and techniques―from the best way to season a forged iron grill pan to purchasing brisket lower from the "flat"―Raichlen's Indoor! Grilling brings the guru's mastery of live-fire cooking interior. New each day's a very good day to grill.

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