Kurusha Magzube

INTERIOR is an inventive Writing paintings, even as an album of songs wrote through Kurusha Magzube devoted to new age which birthday is on 21 December 2012 at 11.11 / the character of its personality convey proposal from the universe and the entire typical powers . the writer used a different magic strategy "metaphysics of lenguage" that's established into the ability brain known as "metempsychosis".

It talk about our feelings in entrance of lifestyles and love. It blesses the folks simply because is spoken concerning the freedom of inspiration and in regards to the immortality of soul. someday we are living in a dream and all this is simply an phantasm, but if we discover our estate means we discover the foremost to appreciate our experience during this world.

eventually this album touchs many social contents very variety through the writer for the location in Iran and his humans, so enjoyed through him.

The subject matters lived through the writer in the course of the composition go through a few creative activities just like the surrealism, the cubism, the metaphysic, the mysticism in the course of the imaginative and prescient and the prophecy and the onirism. Many issues are concerned inside the paintings like an easy outcome of a unmarried line in evolution known as by means of the writer "pure expressionism" and, for parallelism, it speaks of the Golden Age, the recent period that's coming officialy this 21 December 2012 and tells concerning the adventures and the lifetime of a golden baby of our time, in the midst of the epic saga of the battle of the Worlds and its effect during this international of humans future, like in others occasions have been represented by way of the Odyssey in outdated Greece, the Shahnameh in outdated Persia, the Arabian evening in outdated Arabia.

From this idea the writer are looking to current additionally, like a so attractive symmetry, spoke of lifeless conflicts among religions which are not anything greater than the outcome at various instances of an identical interpretation (tree of existence) supplementing a growing number of in the course of the technology in regards to the a number of concept / notion of God . that the writer wish to take into consideration its just like the mild within the infinity space.

Wrote for the liberty of considered humans, specifically for the Iranians.


Akér Kurush Aryman b. Mahmud

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