Introducing Elixir: Getting Started in Functional Programming

Introducing Elixir: Getting Started in Functional Programming

Simon St. Laurent, J. David Eisenberg

Elixir is a wonderful language a good way to know about sensible programming, and with this hands-on advent, you’ll observe simply how robust and enjoyable Elixir could be. This language combines the strong practical programming of Erlang with a syntax just like Ruby, and contains robust positive factors for metaprogramming.

This ebook indicates you ways to put in writing basic Elixir courses through educating one ability at a time. when you choose up development matching, process-oriented programming, and different recommendations, you’ll comprehend why Elixir makes it more straightforward to construct concurrent and resilient courses that scale up and down with ease.

  • Get pleased with Iex, Elixir’s command line interface
  • Discover atoms, development matching, and guards: the principles of your software structure
  • Delve into the center of Elixir with recursion, strings, lists, and higher-order functions
  • Create tactics, ship messages between them, and observe development matching to incoming messages
  • Store and manage dependent info with Erlang time period garage and the Mnesia database
  • Build resilient functions with Erlang’s Open Telecom Platform
  • Define macros with Elixir’s metaprogramming tools

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