Is It Just Me?: Or is it nuts out there?

Is It Just Me?: Or is it nuts out there?

Whoopi Goldberg

have you ever spotted that issues aren’t as civil as they as soon as have been Or that rudeness isn't any longer an exception yet a life-style definite you may have. All you must do is determined foot open air your door to determine that undesirable manners are taking up all over the place. everyone is yakking on cellphones in eating places, even at church. parents in carpools put on sufficient cologne to make our eyes bleed. entire strangers imagine it’s okay to rub a pregnant lady’s stomach. Passengers abuse flight attendants, relatives outings to the ball park are ruined through rowdy drunks . . . a congressman heckled the President of the United States.

Well, Whoopi Goldberg has spotted all this and extra and requested herself, “Is it simply me” Unleashing her trademark irreverence and humor, her new booklet of observations takes a humorous and excruciatingly sincere examine how a lack of civility is messing with the standard of lifestyles for all of us.

So in the event that your puppy peeve is those who speak in motion picture theaters love it used to be their front room, or when you get bugged by way of humans clipping their nails and appearing different own hygiene subsequent to you at the bus, or if you happen to balk whilst “please” and “thank you” be replaced via “gimme” and “huh” . . . you will have discovered a kindred spirit. simply because Whoopi has witnessed the turning out to be disrespect and rudeness in our lives and discovered she isn't by myself. And, as you’ll detect in those pages, neither are you.

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