Island of Fire Mountain: DW2: A Dungeon World Adventure

Island of Fire Mountain: DW2: A Dungeon World Adventure

Johnstone Metzger

Island of fireside Mountain is an introductory experience module for the Dungeon international fable role-playing game.

A small island within the South Seas. A lone fortress suffering from cannibal hordes and a race of monsters. a boat, wrecked at the rocks of the some distance shore, lacking all its team and passengers. An old urban that stands in ruins, guarded through the very parts themselves, and rumoured to be jam-packed with ghosts. All this and extra lie expecting a band of intrepid adventurers. Will they bring about peace and prosperity to the island, or only depart the full international in ruins within the try? Come ashore, and discover for yourself!

Inside this experience module you are going to find:

  • A entire island, with quite a few warring factions and a ruined city.
  • New monsters, characters, and magical goods to vex or relief the PCs.
  • Customized beginning strategies and recommendation approximately asking the avid gamers questions that give a contribution to the environment, whereas holding the island a mysterious position for them to explore.
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