Isle of the Mighty *OP (Changeling - the Dreaming)

Isle of the Mighty *OP (Changeling - the Dreaming)

ultimately, detect the land of historical magic - Britannia! here's a position steeped in old magick and legends of faerie. Hidden powers, a few older than the land itself, exist along humankind and feature mysterious arcane agendas. underneath the very nostril of mortal society, age-old battles are waged around the country for keep an eye on of key locations of energy. because the go back of the sidhe, the fires of conflict have burned like by no means prior to as either changelings and mages get involved within the fight for Britannia's might.

This long-awaited Changeling: The Dreaming complement presents very important info at the changelings and mages of serious Britain. you're ultimately in a position to discover the place of birth of fae legends and become aware of the truths at the back of British covens and chantries. Isle of the robust exposes the important hyperlink among mages and changelings and explains how they've been sure because the starting of time.

A whole global of Darkness sourcebook for nice Britain, together with: England, Wales and Scotland. a brand new kith, the Gillhe Dhu, sometimes called "the greenmen," the protectors of the forests. Explores the politics and heritage of the fae and mages of significant Britain, from the traditional arrival of the Wieck and the Tuatha de Danaan to the trendy day.

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