Jewel-less Crown: Saga of Life

Jewel-less Crown: Saga of Life

BS Murthy

Set in mid twentieth Century New Delhi, Jewel-less Crown is set the increase and fall of the Prabhus, the bold Gautam and the conniving Sneha, and the inimical lifetime of their wayward son Suresh in addition to his ardent occasions with the vivacious Vidya.

In this interesting saga of lifestyles, whilst e-book I, Artha and Kama, portrays the clash and backbone coming up out of ambition and success, intrigue and betrayal, compulsion and compromise, sleaze and scandal, trial and sentence, and remorse and regret, ebook II, Dharma and Moksha, depicts the redemption of existence in repentance and recompense, wish and melancholy, love and empathy coupled with compassion and contribution resulting in the spirituality of materialism.

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