Judas: The Definitive Collection of Gospels and Legends About the Infamous Apostle of Jesus

Judas: The Definitive Collection of Gospels and Legends About the Infamous Apostle of Jesus

Judas Iscariot has been demonized because the indispensable traitor, the disciple who betrayed his grasp for the notorious thirty items of silver. however the contemporary sensational discovery and ebook of the lengthy misplaced Gospel of Judas, with its awesome portrayal of Judas Iscariot because the disciple closest to Jesus, increases critical new questions. used to be Judas the single member of the Twelve who really understood Jesus? Did Jesus secretly collaborate with Judas to set in movement the sequence of occasions that might redeem all of humankind? looking for solutions, Marvin Meyer, one of many world's major specialists at the Gospel of Judas provides a set of the earliest debts of Judas, which jointly paint a fuller portrait of this such a lot enigmatic disciple.

This e-book offers the fundamental texts that care for the determine of Judas, together with New testomony writings, Gnostic records, and different early and later Christian literature. those are the earliest recognized tales approximately Judas and contain choices from the gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John, the Acts of the Apostles, and suitable passages from Paul. the center piece of the ebook is the Gospel of Judas, by way of excerpts from 3 different Gnostic texts—the Dialogue of the Savior, the Concept of Our nice Power, and the "Round Dance of the Cross"—which may well shed new mild at the determine of Judas. a sequence of extra writings on Judas produced over the centuries supply glimpses of the vilification of Judas and the emergence of anti-Semitic themes.

Meyer bargains proof of traitors sooner than Judas—the Genesis tale of Joseph's brothers who offered him into slavery, the duplicitous good friend of the poet in Psalm forty-one, and Melanthius the goatherd in Homer's Odyssey—all of which elevate the query of no matter if the tale of Judas Iscariot can be easily a section of non secular fiction derived from past tales.

Judas presents a wealthy choice of unique resources that inform the tale of Christianity's such a lot notorious determine, delivering the fullest knowing of Judas Iscariot's indisputable value within the climax of Jesus's life.

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