Judas Unchained (The Commonwealth Saga)

Judas Unchained (The Commonwealth Saga)

Peter F. Hamilton

Peter F. Hamilton’s beautifully imagined, cunningly plotted interstellar adventures are conceived on a staggeringly epic scale and jam-packed with absolutely learned human and alien characters as complicated as they're attractive. No mere global builder, Hamilton creates complete universes–and he does so with impossible to resist aptitude and intelligence. His earlier novel, the acclaimed Pandora’s celebrity, brought the Intersolar Commonwealth, a star-spanning civilization of the twenty-fourth century. strong, peaceable, and assured, the Commonwealth dispatched a boat to enquire the secret of a disappearing big name, basically to inadvertently unharness a predatory alien species that grew to become on its liberators, impressive difficult, quickly, and completely with out mercy.

The top are the Commonwealth’s worst nightmare. Coexistence is very unlikely with the technologically complicated extraterrestrial beings, who're genetically hardwired to exterminate all other kinds of lifestyles. Twenty-three planets have already fallen to the invaders, with casualties within the enormous quantities of hundreds of thousands. And nobody understands whilst or the place the genocidal top will strike next.

Nor are the leading the one chance. For greater than 100 years, a shadowy cult, the Guardians of Selfhood, has warned that an alien with mind-control skills very unlikely to notice or resist–the Starflyer–has secretly infiltrated the Commonwealth. Branded as terrorists, the Guardians and their chief, Bradley Johansson, were hunted through relentless investigator Paula Myo. yet now facts means that the Guardians have been correct all alongside, and that the Starflyer has put brokers in important posts during the Commonwealth–agents who're now sabotaging the warfare attempt. Is the Starflyer an best friend of the leading, or has it orchestrated a struggle to the loss of life among the 2 species for its personal advantage?

Caught among lethal enemies, one a brutal invader notable from with no, the opposite a remorseless melanoma killing from inside of, the fractious Commonwealth needs to unite as by no means before.

This should be humanity’s most interesting hour–or its final gasp.

From the Hardcover edition.

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