Knight Of The Black Rose (Ravenloft)

Knight Of The Black Rose (Ravenloft)

James Lowder

On the fabled international of Krynn, Lord Soth ultimately learns that there's a expense to pay for his lengthy background of evil deeds, a value even an undead warrior may perhaps locate horrifying.

Dark powers shipping Soth to Barovia, and there the demise knight needs to face the dread minions of count number Strahn Von Zarovich, the vampire lord of the nightmare land. yet with just a captive Vistani girl and an untrustworthy ghost for allies, Lord Soth quickly discovers that he could have to hitch forces with the robust vampire if he's ever to flee the world of terror.

Knight of the Black Rose is the second one in an open-ended sequence of Gothic horror stories facing the masters and monsters of the Ravenloft dark delusion setting.

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