Knights of the Rose (Dragonlance Warriors, Vol. 5)

Knights of the Rose (Dragonlance Warriors, Vol. 5)

The Knights of Solamnia have been the best order of chivalry within the heritage of Krynn.

After a knight has accomplished the Order of the Crown and the Order of the Sword, he needs to then commence his education within the virtues of knowledge and justice so one can in attaining the Order of the Rose, the top of all orders.

This is the 3rd story of Sir Pirvan the Wayward, whose reluctant and inauspicious beginnings bore few clues to his capability as a knight of the top order. In a time while others of Solamnia had develop into corrupt and self-serving, Sir Pirvan maintained the respect of the Order, jogging the nice line among own codes of honor and loyalty, and international relations and duty.

Roland J. eco-friendly is the writer of the Starcruiser Shenandoah and Wandor sequence and diverse Conan novels, and is coauthor (with Jerr Pournelle) of the Jannisaries series.

The Warriors sequence info the exploits of the heroes and villains of the battle of the Lance.

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