Law & Critique Volume 26, Issue 2

Law & Critique Volume 26, Issue 2

quantity 26, factor 2, July 2015
Special factor: correct and Subjectivity
Issue Editors:

Chad Kautzer, Daniel Loick

ISSN: 0957-8536 (Print) 1572-8617 (Online)
In this factor (7 articles)

correct and Subjectivity: From Freedom and corporation to Pathology and Madness—Introduction
Chad Kautzer, Daniel Loick
Pages 101-103

What’s Left After Rights?
Eric L. Santner
Pages 105-115

The Judge’s our bodies: The Case of Daniel Paul Schreber
Peter Goodrich
Pages 117-133

Execution with no Verdict: Kafka’s (Non-)Person
Katrin Trüstedt
Pages 135-154

Pragmatic Rights
Claire Colebrook
Pages 155-171

reliable men with weapons: From renowned Sovereignty to Self-Defensive Subjectivity
Chad Kautzer
Pages 173-187

‘Expression of Contempt’: Hegel’s Critique of criminal Freedom
Daniel Loick
Pages 189-206

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