Learning Scala: Practical Functional Programming for the JVM

Learning Scala: Practical Functional Programming for the JVM

Jason Swartz

Why research Scala? You don’t have to be a knowledge scientist or dispensed computing specialist to understand this object-oriented practical programming language. This functional publication offers a finished but approachable creation to the language, whole with syntax diagrams, examples, and routines. You’ll commence with Scala's middle varieties and syntax ahead of diving into higher-order services and immutable information structures.

Author Jason Swartz demonstrates why Scala’s concise and expressive syntax make it an incredible language for Ruby or Python builders who are looking to increase their craft, whereas its style defense and function guarantees that it’s solid and quickly sufficient for any application.

  • Learn concerning the center info forms, literals, values, and variables
  • Discover tips on how to imagine and write in expressions, the basis for Scala's syntax
  • Write higher-order features that settle for or go back different functions
  • Become conversant in immutable info constructions and simply rework them with type-safe and declarative operations
  • Create customized infix operators to simplify current operations or maybe to begin your personal domain-specific language
  • Build sessions that compose a number of characteristics for complete reusability, or create new performance by means of blending them in at instantiation

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