Liberator (Dragons of Starlight)

Liberator (Dragons of Starlight)

Bryan Davis

For years, stories of


from one other international kidnapping and enslaving people were circulating in Jason Masters’ global, whereas for a slave lady named Koren, the tales of a human global look natural delusion. jointly, those adolescents might want to bridge planets for you to overthrow the draconic danger and convey the misplaced slaves home.

The Time Has Come

As the long-awaited invasion of human forces looms, Jason, Koren, and Elyssa fight to alert the warriors to an unexpected risk on the earth of Starlight—a lethal ailment that already has Koren in its grip. Starlighter Cassabrie harbors a mystery she believes can counter the dragon king Taushin’s most up-to-date maneuverings, yet she will divulge little of her dicy plan. As Cassabrie fights to avoid wasting her humans, the dragon Magnar works to maneuver the Starlight prophecy in his want. His activities can make the plight of people much more perilous.

Wishing in simple terms to loose the slaves and convey peace, a number of younger warriors are poised to stand 3 armies as they conflict for regulate of 2 worlds. Can love, religion, and braveness be adequate? Will Cassabrie be humanity’s final hope?

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